Coffee Filters

coffee filter paper manufacturerThe most common and best way to brew a cup of good gourmet coffee is to use paper coffee filters. We have a wide range of coffee filter paper for use in both manual coffee dripper and electric coffee makers.

The use of paper coffee filters in brewing coffee has existed for decades. Till present day, it is still the best and most economical way to make a good cup of coffee.

Some practical advantages include:-

No need for washing of filters. Just discard the used paper filter together with the coffee powder.

It is the most efficient way for brewing coffee, irregardless of the size of the coffee grind.

Excellent for removing even the finest coffee grind.

Cone Filter

coffee filter manufacturerThe Cone Coffee Filters are ideal for the typical electric and manual coffee brewers available in the market.

Standard size include 1x1 for Manual Coffee Brewer, 1x2 for 4-6 Cup and 1x4 for 8-12 Cup Household Electric Coffee Maker

V Cone Filter

rockline industries coffee filter paperOur V-shaped paper coffee filters is ideal for use with Hario coffee drippers. The iconic V shaped filter is preferred by barista in hotels and up-market coffee stores. Our V shaped coffee filters are made from high quality paper to ensure that perfect brew.

Basket Filter

melitta coffee filterFor use in electric drip coffee makers with flat bottom basket style filter holders. Basket filters are used predominantly in catering and hotel establishment for larger serve volume.

Disc Filter

filtropa coffee filterOur disc filters fit all Aeropress and percolators. Available in 56, 60 and 100 mm diameter.

Drip Bag Coffee Filter

kalita coffee filterDrip Bag Coffee Filter is a unique product concept that brews coffee without a dripper. It is designed to make fresh coffee directly into the cup. These three side sealed empty coffee bags with attached paper hanger can be used with any cup shape. Just need to add in coffee powder and hot water.

We can pack in private labelled display bags for retail markets.

Drip Bag Reels

DripbagsreelTo be fitted on drip coffee bag packing machine. We do supply empty drip coffee bag reels for coffee roasters to pack their coffee powder into each individual bags.

Non Woven Reels

NonwovenReelThese PET based non-woven fabric works well on both heat and ultrasonic sealing packaging machines. These ultra-fine fiber non-woven fabrics is suitable even for the finest coffee powder.

OEM & Customised Packaging

Photo Domestic Emma boxes LRWe understand that some of our customers wish to build their own brand and to satisfy this need, we offer them OEM contract manufacturing for all our our products. Our customised packaging will enable our customers to display their products directly on retail shelves.