EzyFreeze Ice Gel Packs

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EzyFreeze® is another innovative product that provides a chilled transportation environment for your product without the messiness of melted ice and the high cost of dry ice.

For the transportation of fresh, perishable, heat sensitive products, EzyFreeze® delivers a chilled ambient temperature for up to 24 hours (using insulated containers) without the messiness of melted ice. Unlike ice, EzyFreeze® absolutely does not leak fluid throughout the entire chilling process.

The application for EzyFreeze ice replacement packs is wide. It can be used in chilled transportation of cakes, chocolates, fruits, vegetables, flowers, seafoods, meat and even medical products like vaccines and serums.

EzyFreeze Dry

In its dehydrated state, EzyFreeze® is easy to handle, light and compact. Prior to usage, just need to dip the sheet in water and hydrate the sachet cells until it has expanded to its ideal volume. Freeze it and it is ready for use.

Customised Ice Gel packs

EzyFreeze packsWe understand that your packaging may come in many shapes and sizes.  There is no one size fits all ice gel packs.  That is the very reason why we have started to produce various sizes based on our customer's requirements.  For customers who are looking for private labels, we are able to manufacture for you in your own brand. 

EzyFreeze Hyrdated

These pre-hydrated packs come in handy for customers who wish to skip the hydration stage. Just need to freeze them before use. In its hydrated frozen state, EzyFreeze® ice gel packs will ensure that your products stay chilled during the transportation stage.  As the refrigerant gel has a higher specific heat capacity, it is able to absorb more heat and will take a much longer time to reach room temperature.

Available in two sizes:  80mm x 100mm (40g) and 80mm x 150mm (80g).

Large format - For export pallets

large sheet

Need to air freight your perishable goods ? EzyFreeze Ice Gel packs in large format is the solution to your cold chain management.  

Size:  60mm x 40mm (3Kg) 

Need a bigger size? Kindly contact us to customise.