Liquiloc Absorbent Pads

meat tray padsLiquiloc TMLiquiLoc® tray absorbent pads are widely used for the packing of fresh meat, poultry, seafood and fruits. Absorbency rate range from 45 ml to 150 ml per piece. Our LiquiLoc series are well received by supermarket meat packers for the following reasons:

- Similar to Dri-Loc tray absorbent pads, it readily absorbs and isolate all excess biological fluids released from the meat

- Minimize contamination and bacterial growth

- Fresh and dry visual presentation for the meat tray products


LiquiLoc Meat

meat tray pads manufacturerSpecially formulated for the absorption of blood from cut meat. Customers will find it less messy during unpacking in the kitchen. The separation of excess biological fluids also slows down the bacterial growth

LiquiLoc Fish

dri-loc tray absorbent padsThe biological fluids released from fish can be messy with a distinct smell. Give your client a pleasant unpacking experience in the kitchen by using these pads. With all the fluids locked in the absorbent pads, there is lesser mess and smell.

LiquiLoc Fruits

Commonly used in cut fruits in the retail market. LiquiLoc Fruits pads are formulated to absorb low viscosity fluids. Our LiquiLoc Fruits pads can prevent leaking juices from packages thus providing longer shelf life and reducing costly rewraps.

LiquiLoc Bulk

For the highest absorbency rate, we have the LiquiLoc® Bulk series. These pads are normally used in polystyrene boxes during transportation. The 4 side sealed format delivers high absorbency for the needs of the ice/fresh fish transportation market. Absorbency rate ranges from 600 – 6,000 ml per pad.