Medical Gel Pack- Medi Gelpak









Medi-Gelpak® is another innovative product that provides drug free pain relief for users.

Our non-toxic pain relief packs are freezable for Cold Therapy and microwavable for Hot Therapy.

Medi-Gelpak will remain soft and flexible when frozen to allow the pack to conform to body shapes and provide constant pain relief.

Medi-Gelpak - Cold Therapy


A cold Medi-Gelpak works by  constricting blood vessels and  reducing blood flow to the injured  area.  This reduces swelling and  numbs the pain.

For use in:

- Tooth extraction pain relief

- Post operation cold therapy

- Muscle soreness

- Sprains

- Sports injury

- Insects bites

Stays soft and flexible when frozen to wrap around body parts

Medi-Gelpack - Hot Therapy


A warm Medi-Gelpak dilates the  blood vessels, promotes blood flow  and helps muscle relax.  Commonly  used for chronic pain relief.

For use in:

- Arthritic pain relief

- Tendonitis

- Neck and back pain

- Muscle tension relief

- Period pain 

- Muscle cramps

Heat using microwave or hot water