Speciality Paper

Speciality paper

We have a wide range of speciality paper reels for use in the medical, food-packaging as well as base-papers for external converting into towels, bandages and cleansing wipes.

Food grade paper

Butchery2Butchery paper is used for packing and swabbing of meat or as an underlay for meat products.  Butchery paper is available in white sheeting with a paper weight from 45 gsm to 80 gsm.



BakeryBakery crepe paper is used for the absorption of cooking oil from deep-fried pastry.  It can also be used as an underlay to present pastries and bakery products in merchandising displays.  Bakery crepe paper is available in white paper from 70 gsm to 100 gsm.



Medical paper

Medical couchPaper protection rolls for covering medical treatment couches and day beds are widely used in clinics and hospitals.  The paper is tear-resistant when wet.

We offer this paper in white, green or blue.  



medicalSterilisation paper is used in the medical field for the wrapping of medical instruments.  It can be used for sterilisation by steam, ethylene oxide, gamma radiation and formaldehyde.  Available in white, blue and green.

Base Paper For Wet Wipes

Base paperOur base paper is suitable for converting into refreshening towels, cleaning and disinfecting wipes.





Wet wipe

The base paper for wet wipes is lint-free and does not contain any kind of abrasive particles.  It is suitable for use as micro fine cloth.  The color will not bleed after moistening with lotion.