Speciality Paper

Thomas & Green in partnership with our European paper Mills supplies a range of specialty paper in reel format to converters in the region for further processing. Our European mill provides fully certified papers which suitable for food, medical and non food usage.

  • Food Applications - Butchery Paper, Oil Absorbent or filtration, Bakery Paper, Chocolate Wrapper
  • Medical Applications - Base Paper for Alcohol Wet Wipes, Medical Couch Rolls, Sterilisation Paper.
  • Industrial Applications - Absorbent Industrial Wipes, Agricultura Uses.

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Our Paper Range

Glassine Paper

Glassine is a smooth and glossy paper that is air, water and grease resistant with good transprancy .


  • As Flexible Packaging for lamination.
  • Pastry & Chocolate Interleave Packaging.
  • In Black & Brown for cake case forming.
  • As envelope windows.

Crepe Paper

Our crepe paper is used in a variety of food and medical applications and is available in a range of gsm and reel widths depending on your converting requirements.


  • Butchery Paper.
  • Oil filtration.
  • Base Paper for Wet Wipes.
  • Butchery Paper.
  • Oil filtration.
  • Base Paper for Wet Wipes.

Grease Proof Paper

Greaseproof are widely used in food service and packaging.


  • Take out bags.
  • Food Liners & Burger Wraps.
  • Baking Liners for Bakery Use.

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